The Bar Room Riot:
Jared Cronk - Vocals / Guitars
Mike Montano - Bass / Backup Vocals
Logan Archer - Guitar / Backup Vocals
Shane Martin - Drums / Backup Vocals

"The Bar Room Riot sounds like what would happen if Genesis, Queens of the Stone Age and the Violent Femmes hung out in the desert bonding over mescaline. Bar Room Riot’s music is punchy and dramatic and totally unpredictable with wacky tempo and mood changes that pack a wallop to the unfamiliar"  - The Bakersfield Californian

We started this thing years ago to do something that was different compared to what we were hearing at our local venues. We continued transforming our sound until we evolved into something that we knew was special and would turn some heads. Together we're doing our part to keep Rock music alive and well.

We're excited for the release of our latest album, "Films of Future Havoc" on November 26th, 2016 and we're looking forward to hitting the road and playing at a venue near you. Check out our upcoming shows and drop us a line if you'd like us to come to your town. For the latest tracks and merch, visit our music and store pages above. Cheers!